Elected officials need to hear your voice!

We urge you to contact your congressional representatives immediately to insist that Congress not lift sanctions against Iran but rather impose stricter sanctions.

House of Representatives: Find your representative HERE
Senate: find your senator HERE.

Background: Negotiations between the US and its partners and Iran are scheduled to finalize a deal regarding Iran's nuclear program on March 24, 2015.

This extension enables Iran to buy more time to pursue its nuclear ambitions. There is great concern that there will either be a weak agreement or a breakdown in negotiations. If the agreement is weak, or if there is a breakdown in negotiations, the U.S. Congress represents the only possible hope that Iran will not achieve its nuclear ambition. Congress has the power to keep or increase the sanctions.


Congress must hear your voice!
  • Urge Congress to oppose lifting sanctions and instead impose stricter sanctions until Iran agrees to dismantle its nuclear program and has no ability to build a nuclear weapon.
  • Urge Congress to support the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 (Menendez-Kirk Bill) for stricter sanctions if the agreement is weak or if talks break down.
  • Remind Congress that it has the constitutional power to stop Iran by refusing to reduce sanctions and by strengthening them!
Contact Information: 
  • House of Representatives: Find your representative HERE
  • Senate: find your senator HERE.
See What a Nuke Will Do In Your City
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Prevent Iran From Becoming a Threshold Nuclear Weapons State
  1. Students: contact your representatives and senators and ask that the Iran negotiations that are supposed to end November 24 do not leave Iran in a breakout nuclear position. There should be a substantial reduction in centrifuges and their missile balistic program should be dismantled.

  2. Students: write opeds to put in your campus papers about what constitutes an acceptable treaty based on talking points below:

  3. Student: place ads in University newspapers explaining the treaty process and the danger of a presidential executive order which violates the Constitution.

  4. Students: write to and call every member of Congress that any agreement with Iran be done throught the treaty process where any agreement would need Senate approval and insist that the President not try to circumvent the Senate and use an Executive order to finalize a treaty.

Here is a list of the committee members